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If Steve Schwarzman Were 30 Years Younger, He'd Be A California Boy

The Blackstone chief is staying put in New York, but perhaps you'll go west in his place?
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Schwarzman working on "Letters to a Young-ish Entrepreneur."

Steve Schwarzman channels Horace Greeley: Grow with the heroic valuations, while you still can.

“I would have moved to California and done something in the Internet space,” the billionaire co-founder of Blackstone Group LP said Thursday in response to a question at a conference about where he’d work if he were 40. “There’s so much disruption and so much amazing value creation….”

“I’m not sure how long that goes on,” Schwarzman, speaking at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co.’s strategic decisions conference in New York, said of high tech valuations. “The businesses will go on in terms of developing. But the valuations are really heroic.”

Schwarzman Would Go West If He Could It All Over Again [Bloomberg]



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