In The Future, You’ll Have To Wait A Few More Minutes To Read Things ECB Leaders Have To Say

It’s apparently getting too hard for the ECB’s press office to figure out who is a real reporter and who is just a “blogger” who’s maybe thinking of doing some insider trading.

She does have a press pass.

You won’t get to read the Journal or Frankfurter Allgemeine’s take on things the moment an ECB executive board member opens his or her mouth. You’ll either have to read it yourself or wait the three minutes for someone to skim it and write 100 words about it.

The decision, which has been under consideration for several months by the ECB’s communications department, is aimed at ensuring the widest possible access to ECB speeches, the spokesman said, adding that it was becoming increasingly difficult to determine which journalists should have access to embargoed comments. ECB speeches at times contain market relevant information. The ECB will post speeches of its board members on its website when they are scheduled to begin, without making them available to journalists ahead of time under embargo as the ECB had done for many years.

ECB to Stop Giving Journalists Advance Copies of Speeches [WSJ Real Time Economics blog]