JP Morgan Intern Learns Corporate Email Is Not The Place To Invite Entire Class To "Wild" Rager [VIDEO]

Join us on a trip down memory lane.

Four years ago next month, a JP Morgan intern sat down at his computer at 270 Park Ave with a dream: to round up all of his fellow summer interns, along with everyone they knew, at ReUnion Bar that night. Unfortunately for the greatest intern Wall Street has ever seen, his superiors did not appreciate the use of company time or resources to make his fantasy come true. Yet he remained undeterred. In honor of the anniversary, we give you a dramatic rendition of that historic moment, above.

On June 24th, you'll have the opportunity to see this and all sorts of other greatest hits (Sage Kelly, Wilbur, he-who-loves-asses, Penn Station Taco Bell, A Trip Down Mammary Lane, to name a few) performed live, at the 5th installment of Dealbreaker Dramatic Reading Night. Don't let it pass you by. Purchase your ticket now:

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Person Sends Email To Jamie Dimon

We* don't really find it particularly amusing amusing or post-worthy that a Jefferies employee accidentally or misguidedly put Jamie Dimon on an email about a working group list but judging by the number of people who've sent it to us, this is the height of banking humor, so here you go: