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Let’s Remember The Real Reason We Just Had A Long Weekend

Pizza and bitcoins.
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Pizza Day Deal: THREE pies for $2.4 million.

Five years ago, the immortal Laszlo Hanyecz spent what today would be $2.4 million on a couple of Papa John’s pizzas to prove a point, which point was, “if you jump through enough hoops, people will accept bitcoins for goods and services and therefore establish it as a real currency of a sort.” And so we honor his sacrifice with a “Pizza Day (observed),” better known as “Memorial Day,” celebrated on the first Monday following the actual Pizza Day, which was, as we all know, on Friday. We trust you celebrated this all-important global holiday with the traditional meal of takeout pizza and Diet Coke.

How Can a Pizza Be Worth $2.4 Million in Bitcoin? [WSJ]