Local Newspaper Can’t Say Enough About Neighborhood Hedge Fund’s Family Office’s Herculean Compliance Efforts

Greenwich Time is extremely impressed with the new SAC Capital, AKA Point72 Asset Management.
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The world's premier e-mail sifting organization.

At the very, very least, old Preet has got to give Point72 an ‘A’ for effort, opines Greenwich Time.

Point72 President Doug Haynes' concern -- isolating any communication that could violate stringent financial compliance rules -- would seem a near-impossible task….

"It's amazing -- we have to make sure all that is in compliance," Haynes said. "Humans can't do it, so we use very advanced technologies to do it. ... We can intercept a lot of it before people ever see it, so if there is something that creates even a yellow flag -- even a concern -- it can be picked out."

So, you know, think twice before sending any e-mail to an @point72.com address with the worlds “black” and “edge” in it.

"Usually, it comes down to language," Haynes said. "The industry is fraught with language, so people will use language (like) `hot tip.' ... The list of words is very long, and any word, any phrase that causes any concern, we intercept."

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