Local Newspaper Can’t Say Enough About Neighborhood Hedge Fund’s Family Office’s Herculean Compliance Efforts

Greenwich Time is extremely impressed with the new SAC Capital, AKA Point72 Asset Management.

The world's premier e-mail sifting organization.

At the very, very least, old Preet has got to give Point72 an ‘A’ for effort, opines Greenwich Time.

Point72 President Doug Haynes' concern -- isolating any communication that could violate stringent financial compliance rules -- would seem a near-impossible task….

"It's amazing -- we have to make sure all that is in compliance," Haynes said. "Humans can't do it, so we use very advanced technologies to do it. ... We can intercept a lot of it before people ever see it, so if there is something that creates even a yellow flag -- even a concern -- it can be picked out."

So, you know, think twice before sending any e-mail to an @point72.com address with the worlds “black” and “edge” in it.

"Usually, it comes down to language," Haynes said. "The industry is fraught with language, so people will use language (like) `hot tip.' ... The list of words is very long, and any word, any phrase that causes any concern, we intercept."

Point72 in ceaseless quest to stay in compliance [Greenwich Time]