Lyft Has Apparently Now Reached The Dreaded Carl Icahn Stage Of Desperation

Well, this should go swimmingly.

It seems that ridesharing startup Lyft is so sick of being called "not Uber, the other one," that it will try literally anything at this point just to get back in the competition.

Lyft, the San Francisco-based ride-sharing company, announced Friday it had secured $100 million in funding from investor Carl Icahn.
"We are very happy to be investing in Lyft. I believe that ride-sharing is poised to become a fundamental component of our transportation infrastructure," Icahn said in a release.

Literally... ANYthing.

Hey, it's just a capital infusion, right?

Lyft also said that Jonathan Christodoro, one of Icahn Enterprises' managing directors, will join its board of directors.

Well, there's now the opportunity for Lyft to bring in a little extra revenue by Periscoping their board meetings and charing a streaming fee. Because that's going to be a Show.

No word yet if Blackberry is reaching out to Gordon Gekko, but a trend is a trend.

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