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Lynn Tilton Goes To Her Happy Place

A photoshoot on the beach.
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When life/the Securities and Exchange Commission get you down, there's no better place to turn than a sandy beach with your favorite photographer. Fingers crossed the above is a behind the scenes look at a music video LT is shooting re: her case as a follow-up to her living roomseries.


Lynn Tilton Still Has Her Dignity

You hear that, Securities and Exchange Commission?

How Would Lynn Tilton Punish Lynn Tilton?

Banning jello-shots from the conference room would certainly be an effective deterrent against fraud.

Whatever Doesn't Kill A Lynn Tilton Makes Her Stronger: Lynn Tilton

One day soon, probably when she's shooting a follow-up to her 1988 holiday card to clients seen at left, we'll think back on this setback and laugh.