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Man With Four Corporate Bankruptcies Under His Belt Has Concerns About Carly Fiorina's Business Acumen

This week on "The Apprentice: Iowa Edition."

Donald Trump and Carly Fiorina spent the weekend in Iowa, but it wasn't as romantic as it might sound.

Eleven presidential contenders auditioned before a crowd of 1,400 Iowans at the Republican Party of Iowa's Lincoln Dinner fundraiser Saturday in Des Moines, and, judging by the audience reaction, Fiorina was the stand-out of the evening.
Trump took the stage immediately after Fiorina, whose remarks were cut off in mid sentence. The dinner's organizers muted her microphone when she exceeded her 10-minute time limit. The audience gave a moan of disappointment, then
Trump won points from the applause and whoops from the crowd when he told them: "It's terrible that she got cut off so rudely like that, after the whole thing about women. Isn't that terrible? We should bring her back."

Despite outing himself as a male feminist, Trump didn't end there.

The Donald is not officially running, but that did not stop him from sharing his thoughts on Fiorina's business career.

"She's a nice woman," Trump told the Register Tuesday, "but she got fired viciously from Hewlett-Packard. ... She was walked out of the premises, and as soon as it was announced that she'd been fired, Hewlett-Packard stock went up seven points. And then she ran against a not-popular (California Democratic U.S. Sen.) Barbara Boxer and lost in a landslide."
Trump added: "She lost much of her money on that run – that's why she carries her own bags now."

Trump apparently did not offer any details on who carried his bags at the Trump Taj Mahal (which filed for bankruptcy in 1991), The Trump Plaza Hotel (filed for bankruptcy in 1992), any of Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts (2004), or the Trump Entertainment Resorts (2009 and 2014).

Trump slams Fiorina: 'That's why she carries her own bags now' [Des Moines Register]


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