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Marc Andreessen's Soul Is Prepared For The Tech Bubble, How's Yours?

Hope you bought a bathing suit...sucker.

There is a profile of Silicon Valley's famous-est venture capitalist, Marc Andreessen, in today's New York Times. The piece is a nice, "revealing" look into the enormous head mind of tech's foremost money man.

While there are quite a few highlights - Andreessen's mentor was Mike Ovitz and he is notorious for inflating the valuations of startups by competitively bidding to fund them - the most telling, and perhaps most essential passage, in the story comes almost at the very end.

Naturally, Mr. Andreessen has argued that the tech market is rational — that tectonic forces, like the proliferation of smartphones, have fundamentally changed the value of popular software. But even Mr. Andreessen has expressed some concern. Last September, he posted on Twitter: “When the market turns, and it will turn, we will find out who has been swimming without trunks on.” He warned that companies that hadn’t conserved their cash would “vaporize.”

Basically, one of the men perhaps most responsible for the looming tech bubble thinks that there is going to be some rough weather ahead and a lot of people are going to get really f*cked when it hits. Especially if the water is cold and they didn't bring a suit.

Enjoy your weekends.

Andreessen Horowitz, Deal Maker to the Stars of Silicon Valley [NY Times]


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