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More Lessons From Dov Charney’s (Management) Playbook

"You are all f*cking me."
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We already know that the ousted American Apparel CEO knows how to run the hell out of a company. We know that his dedication to AA included decorating its offices with his own “priceless” works of art and never taking a day off. Now, thanks to the release of some new e-mails and an internal complaint, we also know that he was a master motivator.

Furious over a late payment to a vendor, Charney started the meeting by shouting, “You are all f- -king me,” and threatened to fire the employees, according to an internal complaint, a copy of which was obtained by The Post.

Declaring himself the “savior of American Apparel,” Charney told the mostly American-Filipino staff that he would be their “[Ferdinand] Marcos. I will tell you what to do,” the complaint said.

One might quibble with that tactic. One might even suggest that late payments to vendors might have had something to do with the pile of unsigned checks on Dov’s coffee table. But wait! You haven’t even read the e-mails yet. Or the other complaints.

As CEO, he described certain employees as “sluts” and “pigs” and threatened others while “punching holes in tables and throwing things,” according to internal e-mails and human resource reports….

Another former worker described an incident in August 2013 in which he or she was summoned by Charney to the American Apparel store on Lafayette Street in Manhattan on a day off and subjected to a verbal lashing that “left me shaken and uneasy,” the employee wrote. “The words that Dov used on me were amongst the most unprofessional, hurtful, demeaning and abusive that I have ever heard.”

Plus, said former employee never mentions how Dov would lighten the mood at the office by eating and dancing naked in front of them. Nor this particularly impressive piece of managerial excellence:

Charney said long hours are not uncommon, but that he never “fired anyone for not coming to work.”

Dov Charney told workers, ‘You are all f--cking me’: docs [N.Y. Post]


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