Neighborhood Watch: Hedge Fund Manager's Reputation (For Backyard Sex Parties) Precedes Him

Marc Leder's new neighbors are already gearing up to be scandalized.
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In the Hamptons, as in life, opinions vary greatly on what constitutes a good time. Some people head east for a weekend and/or summer of rest and relaxation. Leisurely bike rides in the morning, coffee and fresh scones by the pool for breakfast, a lobster roll here, a glass of rosé there. If they do attend a function in the evening, perhaps benefiting some sort of charity, it should be a staid affair in which no one takes their clothes off and bodily fluids are not exchanged. Others beg to differ.

Marc Leder — the fun-loving Sun Capital Partners honcho also known as the “Hugh Hefner of the Hamptons” — has already scared some Sagaponack neighbors over the parties he’s planning at a massive, new, 8,000-square-foot mansion this summer. Hamptons sources said the hedge-funder has begun the application process for permits to throw parties this summer at his $20 million estate on Sagg Main Street. “I’m sure his very quiet neighbors are raring to put up a stink when they hear about [his party plans],” one upstanding local said. The source added that Leder’s rumored to have applied for “no less than seven [events] permits.” But, “Of course, he’s not going to get [all of them] because people were so upset and outraged at his previous shenanigans. He’s applied for that many just so he gets one approved.”

Back in 2011 Leder threw a bash, Page Six reported, where “guests cavorted nude in the pool and performed sex acts, scantily dressed Russians danced on platforms and men twirled lit torches to a booming techno beat.”

Of course, co-existing in harmony with one's neighbors is all about compromise. If he's interested in getting off on the right foot with these people, perhaps Leder could offer to make the first few parties only 50% nude (meaning half the attendees remain clothed OR the entire party just loses their tops). And if they want to be grownups, his neighbors could graciously accept and/or engage in some friendly negotiation (like maybe instead of the 50%, he creates a nudity/no nudity section, a la smoking sections, and crossing over to one of the other means donning or disrobing).

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Area Hedge Fund Manager: Leave Harry Alone!

As you may have heard, earlier this week the lovable scamp that is Prince Harry of Wales got in a bit of hot water when he was photographed ass naked in Las Vegas, with a bunch of equally ass naked ladies, following some sort of swim meet with Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte. Those photographs, some of which involved a billiards table and pool cues, were subsequently run on the covers of various newspapers and the Queen, being none too pleased, told her grandson to get on the first flight back to London (apparently in a tone so scary he knew she meant business and "did not mingle with other passengers," instead remaining "in the upstairs cabin of the 747" to think about what he'd done). While it's unclear what kind of punishment the Queen has in mind, or if she's yet delivered the sort of tongue lashing generally reserved for naughty Corgis and her subjects at RBS, in the meantime many have come to the prince's defense and advised the old lady to back off, like the hedge fund manager the Times found on the tube who thinks the Queen should relax and have a good laugh about it. She'd be doing the same thing if Prince Philip ever gave her a weekend off. Among people surveyed at random in central London, including subway commuters reading about the Las Vegas incident on the front page of the tabloid the Evening Standard, the verdict was mostly thumbs-up. “I think it’s quite funny,” said John Daniels, 46, a hedge fund manager. “I’m sure most people would like to be doing exactly the same thing, especially in Vegas. This is his own private time and people shouldn’t be taking photographs of him.” For Prince Harry, Vegas Exploits Didn't Stay There [NYT]