New Tesla Model Is So Cool That You Literally Can't Even Get Into It

A car that you can just get into? Boooooooring.

We have a lot of fun with Bond villain come-to-life Elon Musk, but he is an undeniable genius. His latest invention, the Tesla Model S P85D, is merely the latest proof of that.

The newest Tesla is a 691 horsepower, all-wheel-drive with self-driving software. Simply put, the the P85D is a $105,000 ticket to the automotive future. How cool is the P85D?

The door handles in the Model S retract electrically so they rest flush with the sides of the car when they’re not in use. Walk up to the car with the key fob in your pocket, and the handles move out to allow you to grip them.

That's pretty cool, but do you know what's cooler than retractable door handles with smart technology?

Yet Consumer Reports' brand-new $127,000 Tesla Model S P85 D, with the fancy retractable door handles refused to let us in, effectively rendering the car undriveable.

Yeah, a car so hip and exclusive that it won't even let the owner inside.

You win again, Elon Musk.

Consumer Reports' Tesla Model S P85D breaks—before testing begins [Consumer Reports]