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Relive ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ Before Applying For A Job At Fortress

Mike Novogratz is sick of meeting kids who interned at banks before working on Wall Street. BORING.
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More this, less "I ran into Gary Cohn once in the cafeteria."

Mike Novogratz isn’t going to recommend doing something stupid, like not going to college. But if you’d like to work at Fortress Investment Group, he does recommend you become interesting and not some carbon-copy Wall Street drone whose résumés are putting him to sleep and clogging his shredder. So before you become the 741,987th person to crow about all they learned during their two month Goldman internship, let him stop you. For Mike Novogratz wants to hear tales of the world when you sit across from him. Before heading off to college (Princeton would be good), take a year off and travel the world. Watch the sun rise over Angkor Wat. Outrun kidnappers in the Middle East. Learn about the pleasures of your body from a French dame. Spend some time on the professional-wrestling circuit. Figure out something new to do with bitcoins. You know, rough it for a while, develop that sunken backpacker look, get that venereal disease treated. Then give him a call. Trust him: Some time in shitty hostels and paying for street-cart dosas with handjobs will make your eventual jetting between different Rosewood properties all that much sweeter.

"We interview a lot of kids, and they always want an internship at Goldman Sachs, an internship at McKinsey," Novogratz, founder of Fortress Investment Group, said Sunday on the weekly show "Wall Street Week."

His advice: "Go do something different. Get on a motorcycle and travel through India and take photographs. Create a story where you learn something...I'm a big fan of the gap year."

A billionaire’s advice: Don’t Intern at Goldman Sachs. Travel [CNN Money]


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