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Robots Probably Couldn’t Take Over World For More Than A Few Hours

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Shoulda bought more eurobonds.

But plug them in and they can wreak havoc on the bond market!

Even cutting-edge robots are notoriously bad at assessing their surroundings, but running out of breath as their batteries expire is just as big a challenge, according to the organizer of the contest on June 5-6 in Pomona, Calif….“Robots are also much less efficient than animals,” said Dr. Pratt, using as much as 100 times more energy to complete the same task. “You should expect to see a lot of robots fall down,” he added. Certain computer-driven hedge funds built up large bets that bond prices would rise after the ECB announced its quantitative-easing program in January, data from Royal Bank of Scotland Group show. The funds, known as commodity trading advisers, then quickly sold their bond holdings in late April as the market turned.

“CTA selling engulfed ECB buying by a factor of three–enough to be a strong spur for the bond selloff,” said RBS strategist Clement Mary-Dauphin.

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Ray Dalio’s Principled Robots Will Rule The World

Dalio is getting into the Artificial Intelligence game. Obviously this is partly for the money to be made but also because robots just get him.

Only Suckers Work More Than An Hour A Day: Bespoke Investment Group

Why work all day when you can hour a day?

In The Future, You’ll Have To Wait A Few More Minutes To Read Things ECB Leaders Have To Say

It’s apparently getting too hard for the ECB’s press office to figure out who is a real reporter and who is just a “blogger” who’s maybe thinking of doing some insider trading.