Sohn 2015: Motherfrackers and Drones and Puerto Rico, Oh My

Welcome to Sohn 2015, hope you wore a diaper.

The 20th annual Sohn Investment Conference kicked off today, and the theme of this year's "Super Bowl of Investor Presentations" seems to be sheer terror.

There is a terrifying variety of scary ass stuff being discussed at this year's conference. Let's take a tour through the hypothetical hellscape.

First stop, David Einhorn calling out the fracking industry for being an exceptionally dangerous sector... and creating a fun new word.

"Motherfrackers"... Damn, Gina.

So fracking is killing us all. That's a huge bummer. Let's cleanse our brain palate and see what this Jay Walker of Walker Digital has to say.


With death coming up from below and raining down from above, it seems like nowhere is safe at Sohn 2015. Maybe we can find safety in the cozy confines of market fundamentals?

Oh, man. Thanks a lot, Cooperman. Maybe it's time to just make a run for it. Can anyone a reccomend a tropical paradise to wait out the apocalypse?

Not totally positive, but we'll take it!

Seriously though, doesn't anyone have anything fun to say about Sohn 2015?

Umm... fine.