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Telling Twitter Users He's Going To Shove A Crowbar Up Their Keisters Is Part Of Charlie Gasparino's Journalistic Code Of Ethics

The Fox Business reporter explained how this works in an interview with Playboy Magazine.
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As many of you know, and some may have even experienced first-hand, Fox Business reporter Charles Gasparino has never been one to back down from a fight, in life or online. While the woman who brought him into this world taught him never to start trouble, she also told him not to "take sh*t from anyone," advice he shared this past Mother's Day. Mama Gasparino's words have clearly been a constant presence in Charles's mind, telling him not to ask the guy giving him a weird look at the gym, "What the f*ck are you lookin' at?" but also egging him on to bust skulls at a Rego Park watering hole where the newbie bartender forgot the olives in his martini, at a rest stop on 95 where he'd ridden a guy's ass all the way up from the city for failing to signal before changing lanes, and at Vincent's Meat Market on Arthur Ave where they didn't slice the beef braciolla thin enough.

But nowhere has Charlie's mother's advice been more apparent than in his interactions on Twitter, particularly when users have attempted to question his reporting. In the past, he has told people to go get their shine boxes, addressed them as "numb-nuts," threatened to hit his haters with a barbell, openly fantasized about dragging someone's ass down the BQE via his bumper, told people to fetch him a steak sandwich after picking up his dry cleaning, and called a former co-worker a "putrid balding disgusting fat-cat boot licking sycophantic douche."

In retrospect, does Charlie regret any of these interactions? Hell no, he does not. In fact, in an interview with Playboy Magazine, he doubled down on his actions and explained that they were not the result of him losing his cool, but rather another example of the strict code of ethics that he holds himself to on a daily basis.

If you’re going to throw the first punch at me, be ready for nuclear war. Telling someone to go fuck themselves is completely within the bounds of ethics, especially when they’re wrong and I’m right. Truth is a defense. The guy we’re talking about is a fat, unctuous, sycophantic Wall Street suck-up. He’d been saying stuff about me behind the scenes, and then one day he said it on Twitter, and I lost it. I’m a combative person. I have to admit, I am kind of a prick at times. Even my friends will say, “He’s an asshole.”

20Q: Charlie Gasparino [PlayBoy]

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