Wall Street Almost Forgot That Obama Guy Is Still President

Most of them can't even get their panties in a bunch over the guy anymore!

Once upon a time, when a certain Barack Obama uttered the words “carried interest,” the hedge fund industry lost its collective shit. It would call the President of the United States a wife-beater, a whore, a political hack, the second coming of Adolf Hitler. You know, the usual. But now, as they focus on making Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz co-presidents for life, they just can’t be bothered anymore. Only the one knows as Mooch weighed in, because he’s got a restaurant and some conferences to fill and there’s no such thing as bad publicity. You can tell his heart's not really in it though.

If Scaramucci is concerned (he didn't sound it, actually) he might be the only one. The rest of hedge-fund land is more concerned about Hamptons season. "Did anyone even notice [Obama's comments]" asked one hedge fund executive. "He's a lame duck," said another industry professional.
"Overall finance" doesn't care, said another senior Wall Streeter.

Hedge-fund land is totally bored with Obama’s latest attack [BI]