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Whatever Greece Has Coming To It, John Paulson Is Ready

Greece Schmeece!
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How good has 2015 been to JP? Even the impending high-speed car crash that is in Greece’s immediatefuture can’t cool him off. In fact, he’s made a nice little profit on it.

Billionaire John Paulson’s hedge funds gained in April after successful wagers on energy, mergers and Greek banks.

The numbers: Partners added 1.5% last month (6.1% YTD), Partners Enhanced 2.9% (13% YTD), credit 2.4% (5.4% YTD), Advantage 2.6% (4.5% YTD), Advantage Plus 3.5% (7% YTD), special situations 1.1% (down 3.7% YTD).

Billionaire Paulson Said to Score Hedge Fund Wins in April [Bloomberg]


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