Who Are FIFA's Bankers?

Let's speculate wildly about who's bankrolling corruption in The Beautiful Game!

With FIFA executives doing perp walks all over the globe, it appears that we are in only the early going of finally uncovering just how insidiously corrupt the world of international soccer has become.

According to what we have heard from Attorney General Loretta Lynch and U.S. Attorney for New York's Eastern District, Kelly Currie, that next step is going to include a look at where FIFA execs were hiding their bribes.

The first names mentioned by Currie are the usual suspects; JPMorgan, B of A, Citi, Barclays and HSBC. Aside from Citi - which has said that it's been cooperating with the Feds for a while on this - everyone is staying mum on what they know about any dirty FIFA money on their books.

In fairness, banking for these guys is not an offense in and of itself. And while everyone else in the world has known for decades that FIFA is a Swiss-based cesspool of corruption, American banks are new to the game and might be pardoned for not knowing that the Uruguayan gentleman in the nice suit with the soccer ball pin was really an international criminal.

But if the banks did know what was going on, we might be looking at another LIBOResque scandal... but with sports!

Which brings us to Delabreaker's place in the FIFA scandal: What are you, dear commenters, hearing at your office?

What's the scuttlebutt on who might get burned when this FIFA sh*t hits the Wall Street fan?

Please put on your cloak of anonymity and start rumormongering below...


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