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22 Year-Old New Zealand Model Gives Wall Street A Run For Its Money (Re: Eating Challenges)

120 McNuggets, 16 minutes, zero mercy.
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A time-honored tradition on Wall Street is that of gorging oneself for sport, money, and glory, AKA The Food Eating Challenge. Whether it was the entire contents of a vending machine, a Crumbs cupcake cake meant to serve 15-20, a stack of KFC Double Down sandwiches, a dozen donuts, a box of Munchkins, McNuggets AND Muchkins, a mess of White Castle burgers, 244 oysters, or 500 Starbursts; man versus colleague or man versus himself (versus food); a race against the clock or simply a race against one's gastrointestinal system, no challenge was too great for someone not to say "F*ck it, I'll do that."

Unfortunately, in the last couple of years, would-be participants and veterans who should be defending their titles have been slacking. Perhaps sensing a lull in competitions, one New Zealand model went ahead and did this:

Wearing a “Keep Calm and Eat On” shirt, a petite Nela Zisser, formerly Miss Earth New Zealand, decided to try her hand at the popular “120 Chicken McNugget Challenge.” “Normally this is done in teams, but today I’m doing it solo,” she explains at the beginning of the online video, looking a little skittish. As she rifles through boxes of the McDonald’s food, she carefully dips each nugget into sauce before eating it. Occasionally she reaches for water, but Zisser mostly keeps a consistent pace. This is clearly an experienced eater at work. “That is harder than it looks,” she says after eating all 120 McNuggets in just over 16 minutes.

Hopefully it'll light a spark under all your asses.

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