Bonus Watch ’14: Fortress Investment Group

Employees did pretty well for themselves, depending on how you look at things.

Cute little shop.

The firm's British employees managed to both receive 210% bonuses and still see their average pay fall last year.

On an average payment per head basis, this means that employees received £85k in salary and £179.k in bonus payments – or 210% of their base.

In the current era of allowances, salary hikes and clawbacks, such generosity in bonus payments shows the benefit of working for a comparatively small hedge fund….

It ended 2013 with 55 employees, so hired an additional eight people throughout the course of 2014, or a 14.5% increase. Unfortunately, however, people earned less as Fortress expanded – average pay per head fell from £356.3k in 2013 to £263.4k last year.

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