Bonus Watch '15: Investment Banking MBAs

Raises for everyone! (Generally speaking.)
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Let's party like it's 2005.

In New York, investment banking comes close to matching its own enthusiasm of a decade ago. And MBA graduates are being well rewarded. For those who sign up to a job at a Wall Street investment bank they will benefit from a rise in their starting salary for the first time in five years. In 2014, base salaries were around $110,000; this year MBAs from top schools can expect to earn $125,000 as well as a sign-on bonus of $50,000. “Banks have come back,” says Roxanne Hori, associate dean for corporate relations and career services at NYU Stern. “The M&A marketplace is healthy and the start-up community is healthy, so there are lots of IPOs.”

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Pay Hike Watch '15: Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank

Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank are said to be raising junior banker base pay. This is happening so the banks can cut said junior bankers' bonuses so senior bankers don't have to feel bad about themselves. Just go with it.