British Tube Rider Follows 5-Second Rule When It Comes To Snorting Coke Off The Train Floor

This guy was not gonna let anything go to waste.

On the one hand, the chap above-- reportedly one Tom Osbourne-- appears to be breaking the law when he snorts a whole bunch of what appears (and what he claims) to be cocaine during his evening commute. On the other, he very offers a bump he drops on the floor to fellow riders, which seems pretty selfless considering the fact that he can't seem to cram enough blow into his system fast enough. So: generous!

Other things to note: when Frosty the Snowman tells someone off camera "Don't get rich," and when some guy The Sun has identified as a UBS employee eggs him on to do just one more line ("I don't think you've done enough").

Office worker filmed snorting cocaine on London Underground is 23-year-old former public schoolboy [DM]
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