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CEO Accused Of Sexually Harassing Employee, Writing On The Internet That She's Prostitute Admits Sure, He Fired Her For "Cheating" On Him With Anther Man

What? Is that not standard protocol in other places of business?
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Earlier this week, we met Ben Wey, CEO of New York Global Group, currently on trial for all sorts of accusations brought against him by Hanna Bouveng, a model turned marketing officer of the company. To recap, those accusations include:

• Pressuring Bouveng to dress provocatively on the job
• Waging “a relentless campaign to have sex with her”
• Ultimately having sex with her for approximately 120 seconds (“He has sex with her and it’s over in two minutes. She was horrified and debased”)
• Firing her in 2014 after she complained and saying the termination was because her “love of nightclubs were becoming an issue”
• Writing on a website he owns called The Blot Magazine “that she’s a prostitute, that she hangs out with cocaine dealers…[that] she’s a terrible person”

Yesterday on the stand, a slightly different story emerged re: why Bouveng had her employment terminated:

“Isn’t it true that you fired Hanna Bouveng two hours after finding a naked black man in her bed?” Bouveng’s lawyer David Ratner asked Wey, who took the stand in Manhattan federal court. “Yes,” answered Wey, who claimed not to have recognized Bouveng’s boyfriend when he barged into the apartment on April 22, 2014, even though he’d hired an investigator to research the man and had seen photos of him...Wey came up with a barrage of reasons why he went to Bouveng’s apartment that day, including that he was worried about her clubbing, that he heard there was an intruder in her apartment, and that he thought she might be selling confidential information from his billion-dollar investment firm, New York Global Group.

And then there was this:

Wey tried to claim that he fired Bouveng because he thought she was partying too much, but Ratner immediately introduced into evidence text messages Wey sent Bouveng’s leggy friend Chemme Koluman. The young woman can be seen in the evidence photos drinking — with Bouveng — at Manhattan night clubs. “Send me your resume,” the CEO tells Koluman in one email. “Why is Hanna bad for your image but Chemme would be OK, and you’re asking for her resume?” Ratner said.

Surely Wey has a good answer to that question, which he'll reveal when he feels the time is right. Meanwhile, if you know any 1 Oak regulars looking for a finance gig, tell them to get in touch.

Financier admits firing underling after she ‘cheated on him’ [NYP]

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Lawyer For Guy Accused Of Sexually Harassing Employee, Forcing Her To Sleep With Him, Writing On The Internet That She's A Prostitute: "Mistakes" Were Made

Let he who hasn't sexually harassed an employee and then besmirched her name on the World Wide Web cast the first stone!