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CEO On Trial For Allegedly Forcing Employee To Sleep With Him/Writing On The Internet That She's A Prostitute Employed Slightly Unorthodox Recruiting Methods

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Benjamin Wey, whose lawyer said last week made some "mistakes" in his interactions with former employee Hanna Bouveng, who has accused him of sexually harassing her, pressuring her to sleep with him, firing her for having a boyfriend, and writing on the internet she's a prostitute who pals around with drug dealers, apparently had a 3-step process:

Step 1: Invite a woman to lunch
Step 2: Tell her you want to be her boyfriend
Step 3: After getting turned down, pivot and offer her a position with your company

Bouveng recounted an evening in the summer of 2013 when she met Wey at his house in the Hamptons and he invited her to lunch at The Capital Grille near Wall Street. “He ordered wine for us. And when we got the wine, he asked me if he could move, jump over, and sit next to me. And so he did,” she testified. “And then he started to talk about that he was lonely and that he needed someone in his life and that he needed someone that he could show the world. And that he wanted someone that could follow him everywhere and they would be in business class, and first class, and it would be great. “And then, well, he basically said that he wanted a girlfriend. “So I told him that I was not interested. ‘I think you have to keep on searching because I’m interested in a job. And I just can’t accept your proposal.’ ” The next day, Wey called Bouveng to recruit her. “He called me, and he basically said that he thought that I was brave that I would say no to him. Because a lot of people don’t say no to him. And that I should come in to discuss a position at his company,” she testified.

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