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CFA Institute To Crush Record Number Of Dreams Tomorrow

More financial services employees than ever are hoping to add those three little letters to their email signature.
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A total of 159,889 candidates registered to sit for the exam’s three levels, an increase of 7.4 percent from a year earlier, according to a statement Thursday from the Charlottesville, Virginia-based CFA Institute. Asia accounted for 43 percent of registrants, with the Americas providing 35 percent and Europe, the Middle East and Africa 22 percent. Candidates take the test hoping the certification can lead to new jobs, higher salaries and a better understanding of markets. Typically, about 30,000 people who register don’t end up sitting for the exam. The first level is given in December and June; the final two are administered only in June. Average pass rates over the past 10 years have improved with each level: 39 percent, 44 percent and 53 percent. [Bloomberg]


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Thirty-eight percent of Level I takers and forty-two percent of Level II'ers have reason to feel pretty good about your lives this morning. Your studying was worth it, your plans are right on track, the promise land is so close you can taste it. The rest of you are likely feeling less good. Your (hours and days and weeks and months) of studying did not end up being worth it, you're right back where you started, and the path to the quote ultimate honor unquote--the land of milk and honey and stacks of CFA exams in need of grading, as high as the eye can see-- seems littered with insurmountable obstacles. Your family and friends and colleagues told you they never wanted to hear those three little letters in that sequence again but if you need to vent, we're listening. You're safe here.

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