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Coming Soon: Dealbreaker Dramatic Reading Night Part V

Do you know what you’re doing the evening of Wednesday, June 24th? You do now.
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Will you be there? Or will you willingly miss out on the chance to see your favorite DB characters (Sage Kelly, Wilbur, he-who-loves-asses, The Greatest Intern Wall Street Has Ever Seen, to name a few) come to life?

DBDRN5 will begin at 7:30PM on June 24th at a bar in downtown Manhattan and will include lots of new (old) material, plus the usual fan favorites. As in the past, we're also allowing YOU, the attendee, to request a beloved post to be read. We’re not guaranteeing anything, but if you pick one that lends itself to a dramatic rendition, we’ll consider it.

Don't be a fool. Buy your ticket today.

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Never attended a DBDRN and curious as to what sort of wonders the evening might hold? Here's a little taste.


Dealbreaker Dramatic Reading Night: The Sequel

Do you know what you're doing on the evening of Wednesday, February 13th? Spending Valentine's Day Eve with Dealbreaker Dramatic Reading Night, that's what! The second edition of the DBDRN series will begin at 7:30PM at a bar somewhere in downtown Manhattan and will include new (old) material, plus a few fan favorites. Once again, we'll be keeping this intimate and capping the guest list at ~ 40, so get your tickets here NOW.