Don't Even Think About Bringing Your Phone Or A Pencil Sharpener To The CFA Exam, But Rollerblades Are Fine

Don't question the Institute's seemingly arbitrary rules. In fact, don't question the Institute period.
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As many of you have long known and some learned this past weekend, the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute is known for three things:

  • Taking itself extremely seriously
  • Coming up with very long and and very bizarre lists of rules both test-takers and those who've achieved the designation must follow
  • Meting out harsh punishments that appear, to the naked eye, as being in no way in line with their crimes, as a warning to anyone even THINKING of fucking with the sanctity of organization and the high regard in which it holds itself

A mere sampling of ways a person can get in trouble with the Institute include: writing erotic novels in one's own/free time, for which the auteur had his membership revoked; fidgeting during an exam, for which the fidgeter in question had his results held pending an investigation; violating the CFA Institute Rental Vehicle Policy, for which the poor schmuck was subjected to a "public censure"; attempting to bring a host of seemingly reasonable but actually outrageous items into an exam room like a pencil sharpener, phone, or passport cover, for which you can expect to be told to GTFO; and, our personal favorite, saying you're a CFA as opposed to saying "I'm a CFA Charterholder", for which the penalty is death.

So it was more than a little surprising to hear this sort of thing was allowed to fly on Saturday:

Though this seems entirely in line with what we've come to expect:

Elsewhere, an unfortunate candidate in Bahrain complained that he wasn’t admitted to the exam because he’d sent his passport off to an embassy to apply for a Visa and it hadn’t been sent back on time: “I went to the test center with two national IDs, a copy of my current passport with a proof that’s it’s with the embassy and an original old passport. But they did not let me in.”

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