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Ex-Wall Street Guy Is A Better Person Than You, Says Ex-Wall Street Guy

Sam Polk has written an entire book on the matter.
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His Holiness isn’t the only one who thinks Dealbreaker readers are leading empty, sinful lives. One of your former compatriots does, as well. Sam Polk, the Bank of America and King Street Capital Management veteran who last year outed himself as an alcoholic for money, has decided to expand on that thesis in a book. In that tome, you’ll learn how he took his paltry $3.6 million bonus and used part of it to fill the bottle-service-sized hole in his heart and cleanse his soul with some do-gooderism, and, presumably, how you can, too.

His book, which is out in February 2016, is billed as, ‘a memoir about a Wall Street trader’s journey towards wholeness. It explores the roots of ambition and addiction, and how they are the same, and portrays Wall Street as a culture of damaged people desperate to feel powerful.”

‘Money addicted’ ex-BofA trader is writing a book about his experiences [efinancialcareers]


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