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Former TPG Spokesman Drops Lawsuit Against Firm That Involved The Words "Hunt Him Down" "Gut Him Like A Carp" And "Weapon Of Mass Destruction"

Adam Levine and the buyout firm are friends again.
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An Adam Levine who also is cool with TPG again.

Remember Adam Levine? Ex-TPG head of public affairs who in January was sued by his former employer, which claimed he leaked confidential information to the media, in addition to allegedly referring to himself as a "weapon of mass destruction" capable of "bring[ing] down TPG in ten days"? Who in April filed a countersuit against the buyout firm? And said that TPG:

• Inflated its Chief Investment Officer's investment record
• Passed expenses onto its portfolio companies that it should have covered itself
• Paid no mind to his concerns, which he raised before being fired
• Threatened to take Levine's head and "smack" it against the wall in an at "knock some fucking sense into him"
• "Hunt him down" and "gut him like carp" if an email containing Levine's concerns made its way to founding partner David Bonderman
• "Fucking kill [him]" if he involved Bonderman in any way whatsoever


Well, Levine and TPG have decided to make up.

TPG Capital LP said on Wednesday its former head of public affairs, who had accused it of violating securities regulations and defrauding investors out of millions of dollars, had agreed to drop his lawsuit against the buyout firm. The legal wrangling earlier this year sent shockwaves across the tight-knit private equity industry during the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's ongoing scrutiny of the transparency of fees and expenses charged to investors. In a short statement, TPG said it would make no payments to Adam Levine, the former spokesman, for the withdrawal of his claims. Levine also agreed to a permanent injunction to resolve TPG's lawsuit against him in federal court in Texas, and consented to the issuance of the statement, TPG said.

Buyout firm TPG says former spokesman has dropped lawsuit [Reuters]


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