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Greek Prime Minister Done Dicking Around, Ready To Take This Thing Seriously: Official

So that's...good to hear?
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It was fun to mess around with Greece's fate/enrage EU officials for a while, but now Alexis Tsipras is getting down to business.

Tsipras will meet again with fellow European Union leaders later this week after a day of marathon talks Monday. Officials said this week his government is finally getting serious about striking a deal after submitting a set of reform measures that began to converge with the terms demanded by creditors. Still, officials warned that more work lies ahead as Tsipras races to secure backing both at home and abroad. “I am absolutely convinced that in a few days an agreement will be reached,” Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said on Tuesday. “The goal is that Greece remains in the euro, so the amounts remaining from the second program can be drawn down.”

Greece Inches Closer to a Deal [Bloomberg]


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