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Guy Who Claims To Have Invented The Phrase "Taking Care of Business" Throwing Inaugural "Sugar Daddy Mixer" Tonight

Alan Schneider AKA "Action" hopes to see you there.
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Inventor Alan Schneider will “bring on his party skills" Thursday night at the Copacabana in Midtown, at "the first Sugar Daddy Party Business Mixer in South New York City’s history," he said. Schneider, or "Action," as he prefers to be called, is the self-proclaimed inventor of the modern sugar-daddy party, a mixer in which men of means can meet young female companions. "At this event, men feel more virile and appreciated, and women feel revered and treated with chivalry and respect," Action said in the release about the June 11 party. [DNAinfo]


Area Sugar Daddy Doesn't Do Bonus Negotiations

Compensation is fixed. If you don't like that, hit the bricks.