Hedge Fund Manager Expects Greek Unemployment Rate To Rise By One Very Specific Individual

Clean out your desk, Alexis Tsipras.

Thank you and good night!

Some have suggested that our long international Greek nightmare will never end. Impending arrearing, however, doesn’t faze Marathon Asset Management’s Bruce Richards. He says the horror has another 30 days to run, max. At least the Alexis Tsipras-shared horror, anyway.

“He’s probably out either way,” Richards said in an interview clip on the television program “Wall Street Week” posted online on Monday. “If he takes it off the cliff, there’s going to be rioting in the streets come weeks from now when the banks are closing and you have drachma. And if they vote yes, they’re voting against” Tsipras’s party Syriza, he said.

Marathon’s Richards Says Tsipras Will be Out of Office in 30 Days [Bloomberg]