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Herbalife Can Also Pay Lobbyists A Bunch Of Money To Whisper ‘Fraud’ In Regulators’ Ears

Takin' a play from a certain hedge fund manager's playabook.
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Would you like to meet Cristiano Ronaldo, senator?

Two can play at this game, Mr. Ackman.

Over the last year, Herbalife’s lawyers have met in person five times with F.B.I. agents, Securities and Exchange Commission investigators and federal prosecutors, according to people briefed on the meetings, partly to defend the company and partly to condemn Mr. Ackman. Armed with stock charts, the lawyers argued that Mr. Ackman’s hedge fund, Pershing Square Capital Management, used false statements to manipulate Herbalife’s stock downward…. This behind-the-scenes lobbying, detailed for the first time in interviews and in confidential documents reviewed by The New York Times, shows that after two years of Mr. Ackman’s walking the halls of Congress and entreating prosecutors, Herbalife is taking a section from his playbook. The counteroffensive — carried out by Democratic operatives, three public relations firms and two law firms stacked with former prosecutors — signals a critical moment in the battle. At this latest juncture, each side has now spent tens of millions of dollars shaping the public narrative — and the federal investigations.

Bruised, Herbalife Swings Back at an Accuser [DealBook]


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