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It Was A Big Morning For The Unsung Heroes: Social Media Directors At Big Banks

Let's go see what the banks really think... on Twitter.

As we all know, nothing is real in today's America until it's posted on social media.

So we knew exactly where to go to see how America's biggest financial institutions feel about today's landmark Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage.

Take it away, Twitter.

Jamie Dimon's bank went with a terse yet winking graphic to show their support for LGBT rights...

Citi resisted the urge to be fun and/or playful, sticking with a statement that reads like a Corbatian starched collar...

Wells Fargo went the other way, changing its profile wallpaper to photo collage panorama of same-sex love...

Morgan Stanley got a little political too, but didn't get carried away...

The real statement maker was Goldman Sachs, who not only deployed emojis and hashtags, but shared a photo of the Gay Pride flag flying high outside its Death Star 200 West St. HQ...

Who are we forgetting?

Oh right, BofA, which went with more of a "Gay people work here and that's totally cool" kind of vibe...



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