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Jamie Dimon Is Waiting For Your Apology

The haters can suck on his record stock price.
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He's got all day.

Remember that time you consider truncating his title? Asked him to ponder whether someone signing so many checks to the Feds might want to take a five? Suggested that maybe he’s getting paid a little too much? Stopped thinking for yourselves and listening to him, and instead abdicated your responsibility to a bunch of eggheads who care not a whit for JPMorgan Chase? We’re just asking because his bank—you know, the one you’ve been half-heartedly maybe trying to kinda take away from him? Yea, that bank. The one that’s worth more now than it’s ever been worth? It's doing pretty okay, haters be damned.

J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. stock hit an all-time record Wednesday, closing at $68.26, up 1.6%. This is the first time the stock closed above $68, surpassing a previous record of $67.42 earlier in June….

J.P. Morgan’s stock is up about 4.2% in the past month, jumping above its previous record close of $65.57 in March 2000 nearly 20 times over the past several weeks. The bank set a new intraday high Wednesday of $68.50.

You’re welcome.

J.P. Morgan Stock Hits New Peak [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]



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