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Lots Of Euros Currently Available Under Greek Mattresses

The people of Greece see it as the safest option at the moment.
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Don't forget to check the cigarette pack in the top drawer.

Attention Hellenic burglars: The Greek public is not particularly sanguine about the outcome of these talks.

Deposits at Greek banks are at their lowest level in more than 10 years amid broad concerns about the country’s economic prospects that have hammered shares in Greek lenders this year.

Total deposits fell to €139.36 billion ($153 billion) in April, down from €145.04 billion in March and over €170 billion just five months ago, data from the European Central Bank showed.

Greek Bank Deposits Fall to Lowest Level in More Than 20 Years [WSJ]
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Third Point Launches Greek Fund

The Third Point Hellenic Recovery Fund

By myself (Own work) [Copyrighted free use], via Wikimedia Commons

Greeks Too Numb To Celebrate Bailout End

Plus, it’s not like it’s really over or anything.