Lunch With Warren Buffett Looking Pretty Pricey This Year

2015 Warren Buffett is destroying 2014 Warren Buffett.

"Pick a modestly-priced red."

The economy may have taken a bit of a hit to start the year, but the bidding to share a porterhouse with one Warren E. Buffett is already frothy: Even without the promise of employment, it’s going for more than it did two years ago and well on its way to topping last year’s mysterious winner.

The annual charity event, now in its 16th year, started Sunday evening and concludes Friday. The highest offer was $1,000,100 as of 10:46 a.m. Monday in San Francisco, according to Ebay Inc.’s website. That compares with a leading bid of less than $400,000 as of 3 p.m. on the Monday of last year’s event. Competition typically accelerates on the last night.

Buffett Auction Draws $1 Million Bid, Exceeding 2014 Pace [Bloomberg]