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Martin O'Malley Has An Odd History of Lunch Dates

For a guy who says he hates Wall Street, some of Martin's lunches sure are... Hillary-esque.

Martin O'Malley, former Maryland Governor and current occupant of an enormous Hillary Clinton-shaped shadow, seems to be having a much more complicated relationship with Wall Street than we originally thought.

As we've discussed, O'Malley seems to be wisely tacking to Hillary's left by criticizing the financial sector. But it turns out that O'Malley has kept some odd company for a guy who likes to take a podium and deliver screeds about Goldman Sachs.

But a source tells me that in November 2013, O'Malley schmoozed with some of those Wall Street bullies in a private dining room at Lever House, a fancy restaurant in Midtown Manhattan.

Do tell, CNBC. Got any more juice in this rumor?

The guest list, according to the source, included Robert Wolf, a top Wall Street supporter of President Barack Obama (who now is supporting Hillary Clinton for president), Marvin Rosen, a Wall Street attorney and at least one Goldman Sachs executive.

That's a strange group and a bizarre setting for a progressively populist midday get-together. Shouldn't O'Malley have been cracking crabs with a hammer alongside members of the AFL-CIO?

Do O'Malley's people have anything to say about this?

The event was a meet and greet and not a fundraiser, O'Malley's staff points out. But you generally don't sit down with Wall Street political rainmakers without hope of eventually wringing big checks out of them.

Good point.

Anybody hearing of any upcoming O'Malley cocktail parties at a Goldman exec's penthouse?

Martin O'Malley: What really is his Wall St. agenda? [CNBC]


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