NY-Based CEO On Trial For Sexually Harassing Employee/Forcing Her To Sleep With Him/Writing On The Internet That She's A Prostitute: Total Coicidence I Walked Into Cafe She Was Working At (In Stockholm) A Month After Suit Was Filed

What? It was a super popular cafe! Don't blame him, blame Zagat's!

The married dad of three also admitted in testimony that he flew to Sweden and visited the Stockholm café where intern-turned-communications director Hanna Bouveng worked even after she filed the $850 million lawsuit against him last year...The New York Global Group head revealed how he walked into the café he knew was owned by the family of a Bouveng friend as his alleged victim was working. “Ms. Bouveng had sued you a month before. One of the allegations was that you forced her to have sex with you . . . You thought you would be greeted with open arms?” Ratner asked. “I didn’t think about that at the time. That was one of the most popular cafés in Stockholm. We were hungry,” Wey answered. [NYP, earlier]