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Paul Tudor Jones Wants YOU!

To be his protégé.
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Become this guy.

It'll help if you are in your early-to-mid-20s, are male, preferably, and have a few years as a macro trader under your belt. Then, if you are among the 20 chosen ones, you’ll get a few dollars to prove your worth to sit at the feet of the master, learning such key skills as:

Apply today.

The founder of the $14 billion Tudor Investment Corp., one of the best-performing and oldest macro hedge funds, is starting LaunchPad Trading, a joint venture that will give 20 young macro traders a chance to hone their craft before they start managing client money. It will be funded by Tudor partners including Jones, and HC Technologies, a Chicago firm run by Tudor alum Joseph Niciforo that specializes in algorithmic trading….

Andrews is looking for candidates with two to six years of global macro trading experience who can explain how they generate ideas, construct their portfolios and manage risk. She will vet candidates and pass prospects along to a five-member committee at Tudor that will pick the candidates along with Niciforo.

Traders Wanted: Tudor to Train Macro Managers as Banks Retreat [Bloomberg]



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