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PIMCO Is The Ex-Girlfriend Bill Gross Can't Stop Stalking On Facebook

He just can't help himself.
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What's she doing? Where's she going? Who's that guy in the picture she was just tagged in? Does he look like a friend or a boyfriend? Have they been tagged in any other pictures together? When did they become friends on Facebook? Oh, only a week ago, could mean nothing. Or maybe they've known each other much longer than that and they just became friends on FB. Wait, can she see that I'm looking at her profile? Are they following each other Instagram? That'll be the true test. Damn it, this f*cker's account is private!

These days, he spends a lot of time looking over his shoulder. Every day at 3 p.m. California time, he checks the daily performance of Pimco’s bond funds—the funds he used to manage—to see how he’s stacking up. “I have a happy night if I’m doing better and a not-so-happy night if I’m not doing better,” Gross says.

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