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Report: Twitter's Board Operates Like A Clique of Teenage Girls

Here's a theory about Dick Costolo leaving Twitter that sounds more Tina Fey than WSJ.

So, according to what theNY Post is hearing from its friends, like, everyone at Twitter was so over the way Dick Costolo was acting and dressing. But, like, no one wanted to be the one to tell him, y'know?

Twitter’s board was too weak to oust CEO Dick Costolo — so it recruited a shareholder to do its dirty work, according to one theory reverberating around Silicon Valley on Thursday.
Last week, just hours before Twitter’s annual shareholder meeting, California tech tycoon Chris Sacca unleashed an 8,500-word critique blasting Twitter for being “too hard to use” — and a potentially “scary” and “lonely” experience.

First of all, let's take a look at Twitter's board. Two co-founders, two heavy duty Valley VCs, a former CEO of Doubleclick, a bona fide media mogul and the chairwoman of the MacArthur Foundation.

Okay, now which one felt incapable of telling Costolo that he was sh*tting the bed as CEO after failing to find create revenue from Twitter's massive user base?

But let's stick with the "Mean Girls" theory of Costolo's ouster for a second.

“My sense is that [Twitter board member] Peter Fenton floated a trial balloon through Sacca,” one source said. “[Sacca] was doing his dirty work.”
“There was support for Chris Sacca’s note, and then they had the impetus to get rid of him,” the source added. “When the momentum is moving in the wrong direction, you can’t get over it.”

Sacca's post was definitely interesting, and it certainly made waves in the media, but was it really a "burn book" entry ordered up by Twitter's board to tell Dick C that he was no longer cool enough to hang with them?

Or maybe the way that Sacca's post was received gave Costolo all the rationale he needed to get away from a company that is struggling so desparately to define itself that it's influenced by a f*cking blog post.

In the end, Dick Costolo is looking for a new locker while the board of Twitter acts super-excited that fellow member and company co-founder Jack Dorsey is back at the helm even though he's failed to turn a profit with Square, his newer startup that deals in actual money.

But Jack better watch his back, because these passive-aggressive kittens got claws.

Techies believe billionaire’s Twitter rant was a board ploy [NYPost]


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