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Rick Perry Doesn't Need To Understand Dodd-Frank To Know That He Doesn't Like It

If you love laughter, you can't hate Rick Perry.

"Country Rap" pioneer, Josh Brolin doppelgänger and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry hates regulation. He hates it almost as much as he seems to despise the idea of "Wall Street" that he has created in his own head while jogging and simultaneously shooting at animals.

Perry appeared on CNN yesterday to talk about Iowa n' stuff, but he was asked point blank about his complicated relationship with the financial sector. His answer was...confusing.

"The bottom line is we need to be putting policies into place where Main street folks - Dodd-Frank's a great example it right here in Iowa. These bankers - these small community banks are being strangled by regulations, and they can't loan money to their farmers or small businesses. That's just not right."

So, Perry hates Dodd-Frank but loves "Main Street," "farmers," and "small businesses." Big whoop. He sounds like your Uncle Lionel, and that dude reads part of USA Today like every Thursday afternoon.

Hating on Dodd-Frank is just one way to prove that you're against "big government" and for the unregulated growth of things like the financial sector.

Right, Rick Perry?

"Listen, if a bank makes bad decisions, they'll fail. Nobody ought to be too big to fail, and all these regulations did was codify in the law, and I'd certainly get rid of those. You make a mistake, and you make bad choices, you need to pay a price in this country. I don't care who you are, or whether you're a big Wall Street firm, or you're a big bank. You know? That's what our bankruptcy laws are for."

Hmm... What?

Okay, so Rick Perry's take on Dodd-Frank's actual purpose is a bit muddled. He's got some time to read up on the idea of risk and perhaps take a more nuanced view.

Then again, this is a man that exercises with a laser-sighted pistol strapped to his body and chose this as his campaign theme song, so this might just be what we're working with when it comes to Rick Perry.

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