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Rick Perry Hates Regulation So Much That He Might Shoot It With The Gun He Keeps In His Jogging Shorts

Rick Perry is what keeps Elizabeth Warren awake at night.

Former Texas Governor, and perennial Josh Brolin lookalike contest winner, Rick Perry has succumbed to Republican fashion and will run for president.

Rick Perry, the former Texas governor whose 2012 campaign for the White House turned into a political disaster that humbled and weakened the most powerful Republican in the state, announced Thursday that he will run for president again in 2016.

Perry is a real character. He goes out jogging strapped with a laser-sight Ruger .380, he can get real loose while giving a speech, and he has had trouble holding the names of three government agencies in is head at once.

But while the national media has had its fun with Perry, homeboy was the governor of an enormous state for a staggering 14 years. For Wall Street, one thing that can be easily divined from looking at Perry's years in Austin, and it that one thing is that Rick Perry is fiercely opposed to regulation.

And we're not talking just sissy regulation like the CFPB or Glass-Steagall, we're talking about ANY kind of regulation... seriously.

From 2013:

Five days after an explosion at a fertilizer plant leveled a wide swath of this town, Gov. Rick Perry tried to woo Illinois business officials by trumpeting his state’s low taxes and limited regulations. Asked about the disaster, Mr. Perry responded that more government intervention and increased spending on safety inspections would not have prevented what has become one of the nation’s worst industrial accidents in decades.

Perry finds fire codes to be nettlesome government interference even after an explosion literally levels an entire, literal, Texas town. Literally.

In 2011, he threatened to beat Ben Bernanke's ass if he printed anymore money, and called on President Obama to put "a moratorium on all regulation."

Like all of it. Seriously.

And don't think he's softened that stance. Here's something from last April.

[Perry's] latest move is to send a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder, signaling Texas' unwillingness to comply with federal regulations issued by the Department of Justice to reduce rape in prison. The regulations were created under the authority of the 2003 Prison Rape Elimination Act.

So, if he's against regulating prison rape, it seems safe to assume that he's comfortable with derivatives.

Rick Perry is what keeps Elizabeth Warren awake at night.

Perry's inclusion in the Republican field makes it an official headcount of ten with Jeb Bush and Donald Trump amongst a handful of other candidates expected to join the race in the coming weeks.

The Republican Primary 2016: "Hey, we can't ALL not get the nomination."


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