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Shane Smith Is Wall Street's Hottest Bachelor

He's been seen with ALL the biggest banks.

Vice - the media company that caters to your exhaustingly "cool" cousin - is publicly acknowledging that, yeah, it's totally going public, man.

Vice Media head honcho Shane Smith has been talking with bankers about the possibility of taking his youth-centric media company public.
“We have met with all the big banks. We’ve had talks,” he told The Post on Thursday at the Cannes Lions festival.

Once a free magazine read exclusively in the dwindling light of ironic dive bars in North America's coolest cities by proto-hipsters, Vice has managed to become a $2.5 billion digital media conglomerate. The brightest jewel on that crown however is Vice's news show on HBO, a kind of 60 Minutes for people under the age of 73.

And that jewel will have to shine even brighter if Vice's CEO Shane Smith doesn't want to end up being another one of those "badly-timed tech IPOs." The company would need to consciously uncouple its fate from HBO and strike out on its own as a TV entity.

Smith is taking great pains to tell potential advertisers - and presumably "all the big banks" - that he understands.

Smith acknowledged that an IPO is premature until Vice can get a branded cable TV channel off the ground. The company is working with one of its shareholders, cable powerhouse A&E, to rebrand History 2, but first needs new carriage deals with cable, satellite and telecom providers.

But Vice isn't without a team at the moment. BofA has already been taking Vice out on the town, wining, dining and getting it "married" to other tech startups like Pinterest.

The collaboration came about after Bank of America married the two media platforms. Pinterest was working with the Wall Street firm to provide it with data about how its users are planning for future events such as getting married or launching new companies, according to Sharp.

So while there is some indication that noted matchmaker/startup pimp Brian Moynihan and his team have a slight inside track on Vice's IPO, it should be noted that while BofA can find you brides, it's Goldman Sachs that will always find you that perfect something on the side.

Right, Etsy?

Shane Smith on possible IPO: Vice has met with ‘all the big banks’ [PageSix]



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