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Sleep Where Convicted Insider Trader Doug Whitman Hath Slept

The Whitman Capital founder has a real estate opportunity for you.
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In the market for a Silicon Valley pad? Seen a bunch of nice places but holding out for one that nails every single item on your wish list, including 5 bedrooms, 6 baths, a pool, a putting green, and a sense that "Some illegal sh*t definitely went down here"? The consider today your lucky day.

Whitman, the founder of Whitman Capital LLC, is currently serving a two-year sentence for profiting on trades on Google and video-conferencing company Polycom based on illegal tips. That opens up his five-bedroom, six-bath mansion for its next well-heeled owner. This isn't the first time Whitman has put his mega-abode on the market. Last year he was looking for $21.988 million for the manor house, which shares its tidy 1.73-acre lot with a solar-heated heated pool, an outdoor kitchen, and a putting green. The price drop amounts to $1.288 million, a few grand more than the $935K a U.S. District judge ordered Whitman to forfeit upon his guilty verdict.

Make him an offer A-SAP.

Convicted Hedge Funder Doug Whitman Relists Atherton Compound for $20.7M [CurbedSF]


Accused Insider Trader Doug Whitman Made A Halfhearted Attempt At The Faux Sympathy Route In Pumping Depressed Informant For Inside Information

Shortly before losing his patience and wondering aloud what the hell she was good for if not bringing him hot tips. FBI informant Roomy Khan, 53, told jury that she gleaned illegal tips on Polycom’s earnings from Sunil Bhalla, a former Polycom exec who was placed on leave in 2009. She then passed those tips to Whitman [Capital founder Doug Whitman] and a handful of other hedgie pals, including convicted Galleon Group co-founder Raj Rajaratnam and her bosses at Trivium Capital Management...“You know what would make you feel better?” Whitman asked Khan when she started complaining about her lot in life. “Calling Sunil and getting a good call on Polycom and being able to short it.” “Yeah, but I could go to jail for doing that, too,” Khan said. “You’re not going to be a slimeball, what do I want to talk to you for,” Whitman said. Roomy Not Slimy [NYP]