Some Of Hillary's Most Generous Friends Just Happen To Be Executives At JPMorgan

Hillary Clinton has some very good amigos in the Casa de Jamie.

Hillary Clinton's dangerous dance with Wall Street will inevitably be one of the most talked-about red herrings narratives of the 2016 campaign.

Is she too close to Wall Street or dangerously close to Wall Street? Is she listening to her daughter, a former McKinsey employee, or her son-in-law, a current hedge fund manager? Is she going to act more like a former first lady whose family took money from Wall Street or more like the former Senator from New York, who took money from her constituents on Wall Street?

Well, let's take a look at her upcoming fundraising schedule...

This Wednesday, June 24, Clinton will target a slightly different demographic, appearing with Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga at the Plaza. Tickets will cost $1,000 each, according to the same email.

Ok, so she's going after the olds and the gays of all ages. That's some old-school Clinton playbook sh*t.

What's she doing on Thursday?

The very next day, Clinton will engage in conversation with Karen Persichilli Keogh, a former Clinton aide who was, until recently, an executive at JP Morgan Chase, and Eric Gioia, who joined JPMorgan after leaving the City Council. The event will cost $2,700 a head.

Oh. Who's this Keogh lady?

Well, she literally ran every detail of Hillary's entire political operation in the five boroughs while Clinton was in the Senate before she took a job as a senior New York City-focused lobbyist for JPMorgan in 2010.

And Gioia?

Gioia is a former Clinton White House law clerk and two-term New York City Councilman who has been an active fundraiser for every Clintonian thing ever. He is now a Managing Director at JPMorgan.

So, Hillary Clinton is going to monetize some close personal relationships within JPMorgan... Let the wild speculation about an obvious reality continue!

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