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The House of Mouse Is Feeling Pretty Goofy Right Now

M-I-C... See you back at your desk!... K-E-Y... Why? Because we f*cked up our plan to outsource your job!... M-O-U-S-E

You know how that Disney magic allows the company to get away with anything?

In late May, about 35 technology employees at Disney/ABC Television in New York and Burbank, Calif., received jarring news. Managers told them that they would all be laid off, and that during their final weeks they would have to train immigrants brought in by an outsourcing company to do their jobs.

Yeah, like that. Taking highly cherished, middle class-building tech jobs away from American and shipping them overseas but only after subjecting its former employees to the humiliation of training their replacements...

Worst. Pixar film. Ever.

And a potential PR nightmare if it, like, gets reported by the New York Times.


The training began, but after a few days it was suspended with no explanation. In New York, the immigrants suddenly stopped coming to the offices. Then on June 11, managers summoned the Disney employees with different news: Their layoffs had been canceled.
“We were read a precisely worded statement,” said one of the employees, who was relieved but reluctant to be named because he remains at the company. “We were told our jobs were continuing and we should consider it as if nothing had happened until further notice.”

Hey, one daffy decision doesn't make the world's biggest entertainment conglomerate a Mikey Mouse operation.

Outsourcing is a fact of our global village, and things like this happen. We're sure Disney has a great explanation for what happened here, maybe even a mea culpa.

But it remained unclear on Tuesday who had initiated the change of strategy at Disney/ABC or whether it was part of a larger change in direction, because Disney executives declined to discuss it.
Emails and calls over several days to Kevin Brockman, a senior spokesman for Disney/ABC Television Group, were not returned. Cognizant, the global outsourcing company based in New Jersey that was bringing immigrants to the television group, also did not respond to calls or emails.

As Uncle Walt would have said "Oy vey."

In Turnabout, Disney Cancels Tech Worker Layoffs [NY Times]



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