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Uber Might Be At War With France Now

Vive la résistance du Kalanick!

Everyone's favorite Ayn Rand-themed car service is not having a very chill summer abroad.

French taxi drivers have blocked the roads to Paris airports and the main ring road around the city in a protest against Uber, prompting riot police to fire tear gas at some.
The drivers set up blockades and burned tyres as part of a nationwide strike.

According to other reports, French citizens are also hurling rocks at Uber cars from highway overpasses and straight up attacking Uber drivers. The photos out of Paris are incredible and so are the celebrity tweets.

They almost got Courtney Love!

Oh man. Uber is lucky that this hasn't exploded into a full-blown international incident with President Obama demanding that the French release America's least favorite celebrity widow.

Why is Uber lucky, you might ask?

Because while Uber's rascally Randian playbook of ignoring the regulations of cities and states that they find silly - or not in keeping with their corporate manifest destiny - might work over here in the US of A, in France the words for "regulation" and "union" are practically the language of foreplay. You can't just ignore the economic structure of another nation and then roll your eyes.

In short, that Silicon Valley disruptor sh*t just don't play on the mean streets of socialist Paris.

Seriously, Uber, passively bullying a European ally into just letting you do what you want and assuming no one will step up to stop you? Who do you think you are, Goldman Sachs?

This needs to stop right now. If Uber keeps it up, we might end up hearing about a tragic Paris accident involving another beloved American celebrity... like Dina Lohan or the guy from Nickelback.

French Uber protests block Paris and Marseille transport [BBC]


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